Christchurch Canterbury and New Zealand Earthquakes.

Christchurch Earthquake Graphs
3D Computer Simulation of Fault Line - Theory
Richter Scale Graph
Modified Mercalli Scale
Earthquake Formulas

Below is the Richter scale graph of peek ground movement at various distances from the quake center.

Below is a graph showing the modified mercalli scale at distance from the earthquake center at various quake depths.
G% is the approximate g force by each scale value.

Below is the expected rupture length of earthquakes at various magnitudes.

Quake Energy Release Formulas

Energy release by an earthquake in Joules is given by

P = 10

((magnitude * 1.5) + 4.8)


Earthquake Magnitude that can be produced by a specific amount of energy in Joules is given by

magnitude =

(log10(P) - 4.8 )


Rupture Length - Magnitude

M = 4.33 + 1.49 Log( L )

M = Magnitude on Richter scale
L = Length of rupture, kilometers

Richter scale to Modified Mercalli scale

I = 1.41 Ms - 1.18 ln R - 0.0044 R + 2.18

I = Intensity of the Modified Mercalli scale
M = Magnitude on Richter scale
R = Distance from epicenter in kilometers

Modified Mercalli scale to G force

A close fit for Modified Mercalli scale to G force can be achieved with

G =